courage to innovate

we make paper documents disappear. what is your super-power?

Implementing next generation of digitalization to your company’s infrastructure. Inventing multi-platform e-signature systems. Building custom mobile apps to serve the purpose of paperless business.

The future lies in digital document workflow. Join in with our Esigno platform.


The power of biometrics is in simplicity and security. Combine your digital workflow with advanced Face recognition & Liveness verification. Fancy remote onboarding? We’re ready to dance.


Implementing e-signature technologies into your internal systems. Equipping points of sale with high-end signing devices. The first step to fully paperless workflow lies in Digital Transaction Management. Make it happen.

mobile apps

We build multi-platform apps serving as an interface for backend paperless systems. The team of senior developers and in-house testing opens a way to almost any functionality. Let’s go mobile!

our significant clients

We're proud to be of service to such an astonishing companies.


heroes of biometrics

Always two steps ahead. Pioneered biometric signature in Czech Republic long before it was trendy. We were the first to successfully implement electronic signing into GE Money bank internal system back in stone age of biometrics, in 2009. Living and breathing for tech innovations. Pushing towards new horizons of IT.
We’re NUBEO.

Petr Fojtík
“Striving for simplicity”
When I look into the digital world I see series of transactions. I see simplicity, no rocket science. Biometric and e-signature technologies are immense tools for adding trust into the equation. And that’s what we are delivering to our clients and end users, sophisticated and yet simple and trustworthy solutions. In the real world, I play voleyball, go skiing, do kite boarding and in the spare time designing van build-ons.
Michal Šaman
“Paperless is just the beginning.”
In my opinion, automatization and big data processing as to the next step in IT. But the future lies in machine learning. That will be the true cornerstone in business developement and our next task. Not by chance, we are among leading paperless software houses in Central Europe. I’m always looking for new technologies and approaches. My main task is to keep our highly professional team on a track of innovations. In the meantime, you can see me running, skiing, training drones or read sci-tech books.

courage to innovate

We are digital lab full of geek-level developers focused on innovation and automation. Seasoned veteran developers solid in business logic with pure boyish curiosity.

We are looking for open-minded team players to expand our ranks. Check out vacant chairs in our office.

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